Steam Carpet Cleaning

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Steam Carpet Cleaning - Cleaner Than Ever

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Steam carpet cleaning is important to the cleanliness and health of your office space. Maintaining your carpet is beneficial to your company for many reasons. Not only will it look better, but depending on how much traffic it takes in, how often it gets soiled and to what degree, you can also prevent allergens from getting embedded in the carpet and spreading into your office, affecting the health of both your employees and your clients.

Maintaining your carpets not only benefits your work place's appearance, it is also beneficial to the health of your employees. Having clean carpets provides you with good, quality air, as well as filtering out dust, pollen, pollutants, dust mites, debris, and other contaminants found in the work place and home. No matter how clean your carpet appears to be, mildew, allergens, mold and fungi can be deep inside. Additionally, keeping your carpet maintained properly extends its durability, increasing its lifespan.

Steam carpet cleaning involves blasting your carpet with extremely hot water, being fed to a spray extraction tool, and connected to a pump vacuum power unit. Cleaning solution is injected under pressure through the water jet nozzles, deep into the carpet. The hot water then penetrates the solution all the way down to the carpet's backing, loosening any embedded soil, and removing grease and oil deposits.

Steam carpet cleaning will get your carpets cleaner than ever, not only providing your office with a clean appearance, but with a healthier atmosphere for your employees and clients to breathe in. Steam carpet cleaning is not a luxury, but a necessary office expense.

Valley Carpet Cleaning & Janitorial Services provides daily, weekly and monthly services for your steam carpet cleaning needs. We use only state of the art machines to provide the deepest steam carpet cleaning possible. All of our employees are professionally trained on the use of these machines, as well as in effective communication and quality control.

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