Floor Waxing

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Floor Waxing - High Quality Agents And Wax

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Valley Carpet Cleaning & Janitorial Services provides floor waxing services in addition to cleaning service or as a stand-alone service. We will visit your office, evaluate your flooring needs, and then discuss your options. We will focus on several factors including desired luster and shine, and the amount of traffic in various areas of your office. We will then produce a cleaning schedule that meets your company's individual needs.

Regular floor waxing will save your hard floors from an early retirement. Facilities with high traffic will have more wear and tear on their flooring, and will have a greater need for high quality hard flooring maintenance. Chairs and boxes being dragged across floors, objects dropped causing small nicks and dents, wheelchairs, walkers, and dollies are all examples of factors that might determine how often a floor will require waxing to maintain.

Depending on your needs, we offer the following floor waxing services:

Scrub and Recoat - By removing the top layer or two of a damaged floor’s finish, (scraping off the layers of scratches, stains and superficial scrapes) this process quickly improves the appearance and condition of a hard floor. We then complete the process with a new finish and a protective topcoat. Your floors will look like new again. They will be protected and will last longer.

Strip and Refinish - If damage is already present, stripping and refinishing may be required. It is a similar process to the scrub and recoat, but we strip it down, exposing the bare tile or flooring, clean the tile or flooring, and then coat it with several layers of finish.

Our professionally trained staff uses only high quality agents and waxes on your floors. We are licensed, bonded, and fully insured. All employees are covered under workers’ comp. We have experience serving a wide range of clients, including office buildings, medical facilities, schools, store fronts, banks, and more.

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